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Build Battle

About this event!
Our Build Battles are build competitions where you have to build something (in the arena) related to the given theme! In the arena, we have 19 plots, which means 19 people can participate in the Build Battle every week. The plots are 30 x 30 x 30 & the fuller the build, the better! However, you can also make a smaller (finished) build in the plot, but it would have to be very beautiful and detailed to compensate for points.


The text in red below doesn't currently apply. We temporarily turned this system off!

Everyone that's SHADOW & higher can join this event. All you have to do is create a ticket in our Discord! Be aware that the competition is every 2 weeks and you're only able to join in the first 10 days! The competition is, like the server, in survival. This means you'll have to collect your build blocks, and you will not receive your blocks back after the competition is done; so make sure to make your build is worth it! To avoid ''fake'' participants, we came up with a strike system, which (hopefully) assures that all participants genuinely participate instead of joining and not finishing builds! When someone joins the competition with an unfinished build, they will receive a strike. After two strikes they won't be able to join Build Battles for the rest of that year anymore. Your build will be judged on how unique it is, the concept, the size, the detail, and the block palette!

Everyone who participates in the competition will receive 3 Feathers & 100 Crystals
! On top of that, the top 3 will also receive the following:

• No. 1 receives the #1 Badge, 7 Feathers150 Crystals, and 6 different crate keys!
• No. 2 receives the #2 Badge, 5 Feathers100 Crystals, and 5 different crate keys!
• No. 3 receives the #3 Badge, 2 Feathers50 Crystals, and 4 different crate keys! 

Did you get in the top 3 at least 3 times? Open a ticket & let the staff know so you can receive the special BuildBattle nickcolour & particle!

Build Rules

Rule 1. Buildings from the Internet are not allowed in the competition. You may take inspiration from builds online, but you're not allowed to rebuild them. If we at some point find out that your build is completely online, depending on the situation you will lose your ranks.

Rule 2. Finish your build! Not finishing your build will result in a strike. After two strikes you're out for a year.