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Advanced Armourstands

For this feature, you need to have at least the SPIRITUAL rank.

The item(s):

• A regular armour stand


With this feature, you're able to customize armour stands to your liking via a special menu! Here are some examples of the things you can do with armour stands:




For this tutorial, we will be going over the whole menu & what settings do what. Here's an image of the menu that you can open up by shift + left-clicking the armour stand you want to change:

1. Small
By enabling this, you'll shrink your armour stand:



2. Gravity
By enabling this, you'll make your armour stand able to float or sink by changing its Y position (see 7)! You can't change this position unless you enable gravity.

3. Visible arms
By disabling this, you'll make its arms invisible:


4. Invulnerable
By enabling this, you'll make it so you can't (accidentally) destroy your armour stand by right-clicking it.

5. Plate
By disabling this, you'll make the plate underneath invisible:


6. Interactable
By enabling this, you'll make it so you can't interact with the armour stand (except for a command), so shift + left-clicking or /armorstand whilst looking at it won't work! You'll have to say /armorstand near if you want to edit it.

7. Open positions editor
By clicking this, you'll open the menu to change specific positions of the armourstands! You're able to change the X, Y, and Z positions of the head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and body. You can also rotate the full body as well.

8. Open clone picker
This feature is only for server administrators! It's not possible to make this invisible for everyone. This feature doesn't work for members that are not admin, even though you can open its menu.