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Voting Rewards

Before explaining the personal benefits of voting, let's talk about what a vote does! A vote is a bump that helps to put SageSMP on the map. The voting sites all have a really big list with Minecraft servers and these lists are all ordered from most votes to least amount of votes. The more votes we receive as a server, the higher we're on the list & the more people will view and join SageSMP!  Every 24 hours, you can vote on 5 different websites.

As mentioned before, voting also has personal benefits for the voter (you). You'll receive rewards for every time you vote on the server. Here's what you gain per 1 vote:

+1 Common key
 + 250 Points
+10 Crystals

Did you vote for all 5 websites in 1 day? Then you also receive +1 Feather!