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For this feature, you need to have at least the SHADOW rank.

On SageSMP we have an ''Auction house'' for everyone that has played over 3 hours & has voted 5 times. You might have noticed that AuctionHouse is between air quotes, and that's because it's not really an auction! Our fake AuctionHouse is a kind of player shop where you can sell items once without being able to add stock to the system. Once your item is sold for your set price, you'll have to re-add it manually or sell another item. The only currency used for this player shop is Crystals. The amount of items you can put in the AuctionHouse depends on your rank! Here's the list of what rank can put how many items in the shop:

SHADOW: maximum of 5 listings at all times*
SPIRITUAL:  maximum of 10 listings at all times
ETHEREAL:  maximum of 15 listings at all times
IMMORTAL:  maximum of 20 listings at all times

all times*: Items that aren't sold within 7 days, will automatically expire and become unpurchasable for anyone. You can get the items back and resell them for a cheaper price.

List of AuctionHouse commands.

(/ah, /auction or /auctionhouse) to open the auction house.
• (/ah sell {price} {amount} to sell the item in your hand.
• (/ah selling) to view all the items you've set on sale.
• (/ah sold) to view all the items you've recently sold.
(/ah expired) to view & claim back your expired items.
(/ah return) to automatically claim back your expired items.
(/ah search {itemname}) to view all the listings of the item you're looking for.