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This feature is for everyone!


On SageSMP we have a very advanced claiming system with quite some extra features. Before jumping into all those features, let's talk about the basics of claiming. Unlike most servers, SageSMP's claims are based on chunks and not on blocks. Press the F3 + G button on your keyboard to (de)activate viewing chunk borders. As a new member, you'll start with 5 claim chunks. That means you can buy a total of 5 chunks to claim, and each claim (except the first one) costs 25 Crystals. You earn more claim chunks by earning ranks and can also receive them as rewards in a couple of crates.
Here's the list of how many claim chunks u receive per earned rank:

SHADOW +10 Claim chunks
PARANORMAL +20 Claim chunks
SPIRITUAL +30 Claim chunks
MYSTICAL +50 Claim chunks
ETHEREAL +60 Claim chunks
CELESTIAL +70 Claim chunks
IMMORTAL +100 Claim chunks