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claim commands

Claim commands


(/sethome {homename}) to create a home to teleport to.
(/home {homename}) to teleport to the home you've set.
(/back) to teleport to your previous location.
• (/lands create {landname}) to create your land.
• (/lands delete {landname}) to delete your land.
• (/view) to view the borders of your land.

• (/claim) to claim a chunk bordering your land. Costs 25 Crystals.
• (/unclaim) to unclaim a chunk from your land.
• (/lands rename {newlandname}) to rename your land. Costs 50 Crystals.
• (/lands create {landname}) to create your land.
• (/lands invites) to view, accept, and deny invitations to join lands.
• (/lands trust {friends_username}) to trust a member to your land.
• (/lands untrust {friends_username}) to untrust a member to your land.