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You unlock abilities by leveling up with your skills. Each skill has up to 5 abilities, all giving different perks. There are 53 in total, but here are a couple of examples:

• Bountiful Harvest: Chance to get double drops from crops.
(Skill: Farming)

• Pick Master: Deal more damage with pickaxes.
(Skill: Mining)

• Bleed: Chance to make the enemy bleed, dealing damage every few seconds.
(Skill: Fighting)

• Shredder: Chance to deal triple durability damage with axes.
(Skill: Foraging)

• Metal Detector: Chance to get rare loot from digging.
(Skill: Excavation)

• Piercing: Chance for arrows to pierce through mobs.
(Skill: Archery)

• No Debuff: Chance to negative a harmful potion effect from being applied.
(Skill: Defense)

• Treasure Hunter: Chance to get rare loot from fishing.
(Skill: Fishing)

• Alchemist: Potions you brew have a longer duration.
(Skill: Alchemy)