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Purchased ranks

Everyone can buy these ranks!

You can purchase ranks on our webshop. The money earned from the webshop sales goes back into the server & its developer(s). It's important to know that these are donator ranks, they give you a boost of benefits, but the game-changing benefits are also obtainable through the earned ranks. Besides these benefits they give a lot of cool, cosmetic extras, so make sure to check them out!

• EMERALD costs $10 (USD)
• JADE costs $25 (USD)
• CELESTITE costs $50 (USD)
• SAPPHIRE costs $75 (USD)
• LABRADORITE costs $100 (USD)
• ALEXANDRITE costs $125 (USD)
• AMETHYST costs $150 (USD)


All the benefits are displayed on the webshop.
Make sure to agree to our ToS before purchasing a rank.