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This feature is for everyone!

The item(s):

• Easel (Crate prize & /feathershop)
• Canvas (Crate prize & /feathershop)


With these items, you can create your very own art ''paintings'' on the server! Here are a couple of paintings as an example:




First, you need to have both an easel & canvas! Place down the easel and place the canvas on the item frame. When you've done this, you can sit in front of the easel to start painting by clicking the easel! You can use all the dye from /artmap > Dyes to paint on the map! After painting your art, you can save your masterpiece by typing /art save {nameofyourart} and it will automatically go into your inventory. Now you have your very own piece of art which you can place on (glow)item frames to display it for everyone (or just yourself maybe). Make sure to check out everything in the /artmap menu, because you can also find information on tools & even more!