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The Stats from the Skills System help improve your stamina & success in the game. You can improve your stats by simply leveling up in different skills. There are 6 types of stats which you level up with:

• Strength: This increases your attack damage with various weapons.
(skills: Foraging, Fighting, Sorcery, Farming & Archery)

• Health: This increases the amount of HP you have, allowing you to last longer in fights.
(skills: Fishing, Alchemy, Defense & Farming)

• Regeneration: This increases how fast you recover both health and mana.
(skills: Fighting & Excavation)

• Luck: This increases your chances of getting rare loot from mobs, fishing & more.
(skills: Fishing, Mining, Excavation & Archery)

• Wisdom: This increases your max mana, experience gain & decreases anvil costs.
(skills: Alchemy & Sorcery)

• Toughness: This increases the amount of damage reduced from enemy attacks.
(skills: Foraging, Mining & Defense)