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Starting your land

1. Find a spot
Starting your first land is very exciting, but remember that the most important thing is to find a spot you're sure you want to settle. Be aware: it's only possible to claim chunks in the overworld & you need at least 80 blocks distance from other claims (unless you have permission).


2. Create the land
Once you've found a nice spot, go stand in your chunk and say the following: /lands create {landname}. After this, you'll see dust around the borders of your chunk for a couple of seconds. You can always bring the border back by typing /lands view.


3. Set your home
When your land is created, it's important that you can always teleport back to it! Say /sethome {homename} on the spot you'd like to teleport to when you come home to.


4. Expand your land
At some point, you'd probably like to expand your claim, and you can simply do this by standing in the preferred chunk bordering your land and type /claim. Be aware that it will automatically take 25 Crystals from your balance per chunk! Did you claim the wrong chunk? Go stand in the chunk and type /unclaim. It's important to know that this won't give back any Crystals.