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Mana Abilities

You can buy mana abilities with mana once you unlock level 7 of your wanted skill. Your mana increases every 7 levels and you need to personally activate mana abilities if you want to use it. Please be aware that not every skill has mana abilities. Here are a couple of examples that do have abilities:


• Replenish: Replants crops automatically for a certain duration. Right-click with a hoe and break a crop to activate. Works with wheat, carrots, potatoes, nether wart, and beetroot.
(Skill: Farming)

• Speed Mine: Gives Haste 10 for a certain duration. Right-click with a pickaxe and break a stone or an ore to activate.
(Skill: Mining)

• Absorption: Incoming damage will decrease mana by 2x Minecraft damage instead of your health. Mana will not regenerate while Absorption is active. Left click shield and take damage to activate.
(Skill: Defense)