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This feature is for everyone!

On SageSMP we have a Skills System where you can level up with everyday tasks. When you level up, you receive better stamina, extra abilities & higher chances of better loot.

There are 10 different kinds of skills you level up in! Here's the list of the skills along with how to level up in them:

• Farming: Harvest crops to earn Farming XP.
• Mining: Mine stone & ores to earn Mining XP.
• Fighting: Fight mobs with melee weapons to earn Fighting XP.
• Foraging: Cut trees to earn Foraging XP.
• Excavation: Dig with a shovel to earn Excavation XP.
• Archery: Shoot mobs with a bow to earn Archery XP.
• Defense: Take damage from entities to earn Defense XP.
• Fishing: Catch fish to earn Fishing XP.
• Alchemy: Brew potions to earn Alchemy XP.
• Sorcery: Use mana abilities (skills lvl 7+) to earn Sorcery XP.