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Custom Enchantments

This feature is for everyone!

The item(s):

• Custom enchanted books (/feathershop & events)
• Custom enchanted armour sets (crates & events)


You can put these special enchantments on tools, weapons & armour! They all have their unique features and uses which you'll find more info on underneath.

Enchantments & information

There are about 30 different enchantments, of which only a couple are individually available currently. You're able to get information on the server about the enchantment you want to know more about. For example, let's learn what you can do with the ''End Affinity II'' enchantment from the /feathershop. All you have to do is type in the chat /enchantinfo End Affinity & a menu pops up explaining all the information about this enchantment. Here's a picture for better visualization: