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Not following our rules will lead to consequences, such as a warning, mute, ban, or permanent ban. The consequences depend on the situation and how the staff team seems fit. If you're not sure about a rule, please ask a staff member before acting upon it. The chat rules (5) also go for our Discord server.

1. Requirement Rules

A. Everyone who plays SageSMP has to be 15 years or older.
B. SageSMP is an open community; discrimination in any form is not allowed.
C. Encouraging anyone to break the rules is not allowed.
D. Make sure you read & agree to the ToS before purchasing a rank.
E. You can't/trade members without the Shadow rank any items besides food & basic build-blocks.

2. Building Rules

A. Breaking blocks within 80 blocks from another claim without permission is not allowed.
B. Placing blocks within 80 blocks of another claim without permission is not allowed.
C. Stealing/lending purchased webshop kits is not allowed.
D. Don't place random blocks in the world; keep it clean.

3. AFK farming Rules

A. Red-stone farms are not allowed to due to lag from the 1.18 update.
B. AFK farming in any form is not allowed; this is an unfair advantage to others.
C. Small auto-farms are allowed, as long as they're redstone-free & you're not AFK.
D. Any types of farms in the nether & end are not allowed.
E. Don't commit entity cramming or auto-kill mobs.

4. Hack Rules

A. Hacking in any form is simply not allowed; you'll be IP- & perm-banned.
B. Small mods are allowed, as long as they don't give an unfair advantage towards others (e.g. x-ray isn't allowed).
C. Aren't you sure if your mod is allowed? Ask a staff member before using it!
D. Exploiting is not allowed.

5. Chat Rules

A. NSFW/NSFL/PDA in the chat is not allowed.
B. The use of slurs is not allowed.
C. Cussing towards one another is not allowed.
D. Promoting other servers is not allowed.
E. Keep the chat in English, staff is an exception for this in case of quick discussions.
F. Chatting about any sensitive topics is not allowed; take it to private chats.

6. Staff Rules

A. Staff are volunteers; treat them with respect.
B. Staff doesn't owe you any lost items.
C. Staff doesn't give any special treatment.

Please ask the staff team any questions if you have any.