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Everyone can get a rank!

On SageSMP we have 5 categories of ranks:

Content Creators

You build up ranks, which means that you can have more than 1 rank, however, the highest rank is always displayed. If you'd still like to display your other ranks, you can do so by using the cosmetics of the lower ranks that you also earned or purchased. All ranks have their benefits, and these also build up! You can view all the ranks, your progression,s and even more when you type in /ranks.

Here's the list of all the ranks and how you can receive them:

Earnable Ranks

You can earn ranks with playtime & voting! You can keep up with your progression by typing /ranks in the chat, and it shows you how many hours you have vs. how many hours you need. The ranks don't go through automatically, which means you have to press the rank once you meet the required amount of played hours & votes.

SHADOW requires 3 Hours playtime + 5 votes
PARANORMAL requires 10 Hours playtime + 25 votes
SPIRITUAL requires 25 Hours playtime + 50 votes
MYSTICAL requires 50 Hours playtime + 75 votes
ETHEREAL requires 100 Hours playtime + 150 votes
CELESTIAL requires 200 Hours playtime + 300 votes
IMMORTAL requires 250 Hours playtime + 500 votes


Purchasable Ranks

You can purchase ranks on our webshop. The money earned from the webshop sales goes back into the server & its developer(s). It's important to know that these are donator ranks, they give you a boost of benefits, but the game-changing benefits are also obtainable through the earned ranks. Besides these benefits they give a lot of cool, cosmetic extras, so make sure to check them out!

• EMERALD costs $10 (USD)
• JADE costs $25 (USD)
• CELESTITE costs $50 (USD)
• SAPPHIRE costs $75 (USD)
• LABRADORITE costs $100 (USD)
• ALEXANDRITE costs $125 (USD)
• AMETHYST costs $150 (USD)

Content Creators

As a community server, we're proud of our content creators & would love to help grow them on their platform! For this reason, we decided to add special ranks dedicated to 3 different platforms. This way we can help them grow as a content creator and help them expand their platforms whilst enjoying their time simply surviving on the server. These ranks are, however, purely cosmetic! That means they don't give any perks besides the promotion that's listed before this sentence. If you're eligible for one of the ranks below: please contact Soleau for more information about these ranks.


• TIKTOK requires to have 1.000+ TikTok followers & make actively game-related content.
• TWITCH requires you to be an active, Twitch affiliate.
• YOUTUBE requires you to have 500+ YouTube subscribers & make actively game-related content.

Team Members

Team members are members of the Event Host- or Build team! As a member of the team, you're not staff, but still help the server out by hosting events or building areas. To become a team member, we require you to have at least 50 hours of playtime before you can apply.

•  BUILDER [Applications are closed]
•  EVENT HOST [Apply here]

Staff Members

Staff members help keep the server safe! They know a lot about the custom features, our systems, the rules & how/when to interact in case of any type of conflict. To become a staff member, we require you to have at least 50 hours of playtime before you can apply. Every first of the month, we announce on our Discord server whose application got accepted. If yours didn't get accepted, please apply again since all the old applications get deleted. We only hire members to become a Helper, and from there you'll work your way up by promotions!


HELPER [Apply here]
• OWNER (You can't become owner)